• Puja Shah

Lay Down Your Guns In Ladakh And Let Silence Make All The Noise

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

There's something in the air of Ladakh that makes sleep useless!

I think when God was in the mood to paint he created Ladakh! This place wears all the colors of His spirit. The deeper you look, the more you understand, you witness a thousand marvels and you learn to walk your soul back home.

Here, heaven is under your feet as well as over your heads.

Ladakh is no ordinary place. It is a silent poetry and a poetry is a painting that speaks. Everything about this place is a miracle! You can keep spending your eyes even after your imagination has run out.

A treeless, high-altitude cold desert with its perfectly stacked range of some of the world’s highest snow-capped arid mountains, a land of gompas, lakes and passes and home to some 40 million people, Ladakh is nothing but a mesmerizing mosaic of amazing people, colorful culture, and nature that never goes out of style.

Spending few days in the rural settings of the Himalayas exposes one to so many magical things! The texture and infrastructure of a small-town fits perfectly fine in the exhilarating open space and natural light of His supreme creation.

Ladakh is where my hope to find peace in this frantic world came alive. The chaos inside me went silent for few days. I meditated over the scenic landscapes - not to escape. But to cultivate an inner stillness that is never disturbed by stress. Yet always moved by the simplest of pleasures.

So, coming to the Perspective of the Place: Chaos and silence are not the opposites. Even if they are, I love both. To me they are more like partners (in crime). It is possible to maintain a stillness inside when there is confusion on the outside. Because those who care about you can hear you even when you’re silent. As for the others, don’t waste your chaos on the people who don’t even deserve your silence!

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