• Puja Shah

The Sunrise Type Of A Girl In London, Ontario

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

I rise before the world starts its hard play

To wish a soft good morning,

With an artists’ eye to the colors that break a new day.

On some days the sun has to try harder to send its radiance to the earth

On other days it can effortlessly paint pink and orange giving the day a new birth.

A thick grey blanket sometimes wins over this mighty star’s forcing fire

But it always comes with a silver lining, the power of the sun is one to admire.

I’ve been lucky enough to see a clear blue

With running and racing white clouds too.

There are days when the sky is a palette of colors, all of the above

Brushstrokes and hues, fresh inspiration and cues,

Spreading onto the green and blue,

The canvas of life and love .

As the darkness of night comes to bring us a closure

Crimson, yellow and purple blue are ready to takeover.

Let us move on today, let the day stretch into the sunset

At a distant water’s edge, let the sun meet the sea and get wet.

I’ve become the sunrise type of a girl

While my loved ones back in India take a sunset swirl.

We live on opposite ends of the day

But together we make up the whole day.

This is what London has offered me in a matter of few weeks

A whole life painted in colors from one dawn to another dusk

A perspective that the sunrise and sunset are nothing but life’s crux

I tell my sunsets a story to bring a better sunrise the next day for all my peers.

This is what I’ve learnt to do in London,

A place I will call home for an unknown number of years

And I will forever be that girl who gets excited

When the sky is in colors prettier than her fears.

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