• Puja Shah

Correlating Places & Perspectives To Professional Ponderings

Clearly, every business has a story. So many have informally labelled their professional pursuits as “the journey of entrepreneurship,” “my business story” or even “marketing opportunities lie in the customer journey,” but we have rarely made the direct connection between the two worlds – journey (or travel) and business.

In an era of rapidly evolving digital landscape, a drastically altered media landscape, new and emerging technologies and increasing clutter successful companies are those that are keeping it simple, creative and innovative.

Defining business, entrepreneurship and marketing as a journey is a genuine perspective, and the lessons learned are far more practical than philosophical. This school of thought is in support of my observation that most successful business executives, entrepreneurs and marketers think and behave like travelers.

Like a traveler, you are more

  • Adaptable

  • Punctual

  • Communicable

Wandering gives you opportunities for

  • Networking

  • Cultural awareness

  • Gaining fresh perspectives

Meandering turns you into a

  • Leader

  • Storyteller

  • Problem solver

That’s why I say, when you need to think, go travel!

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