• Puja Shah

You Can't Go Anywhere With A Flat Tire

Are you happy with your work? What is it that boggles your mind - the current style of management, rigid work environment, company culture, colleagues and leadership or low compensation?

What can you do to make your work life healthier, happier and more productive?

Yes, you heard me right! I ask, 'What can 'YOU' do…?'

Is your work happy with you? What is it that boggles your work - your pessimism, laid back attitude, unwillingness to take initiatives, being rigid, lack of ownership or lack of innovation from your end?

What can you do to make your work life healthier, happier and more productive?

Yes, you heard me right! I ask, 'What can 'YOU' do…?' I ask the same question again even though the victim is now the villain.

Ever wondered, that maybe by becoming a better employee, I may have a greater chance of landing the job I really want? Maybe, my positive attitude leads me towards positive outcomes? It is only a 'can do' positive attitude, that is, 'What -can I do- to make my work life healthier, happier and more productive?' can help bring individual and organization-wide success.

On the other hand, we've seen most employers hire those with the best skills and knowledge. They recognize and reward performance based on these essential attributes and sometimes even take extreme measures to retain their talent. However, in the process employers often overlook and ignore one of the most challenging to find and the most critical attribute called attitude. While skills and knowledge can be acquired, attitude can only be inspired! In fact, employees who inspire excellence are your workplace champions.

In the corporate world, we've often seen promotions happen based on new skills acquired, new knowledge gained, number of years of experience and sometimes even just by the number of grey hair you carry on your head or the number of hair you don't carry at all ;-) But we may have also seen that these attributes can get you only so far and thus organizations that base growth policies and individual performance measures on these attributes will also only get so far.

In my experience of interacting with humans - friends, family and colleagues, I've come to realize that an individual is made up of only 20% his skills and 80% his attitude. We often form opinions about people based on their skills or knowledge and do not dwell into his moral values, standards, judgment, motives, ethics and beliefs. But if we do, we'll realize that the latter has a great impact in the outputs derived from the former.

And thus a bad attitude is like a flat tire, you can't go anywhere until you change it.

One bad apple can greatly impact morale of other employees and, conversely, a unique green apple in a bunch can really stand out and it's glamour can be infectious. So workplace enjoyment is just like anything else, you reap what you sow.

Hence, if you ask me 'What makes a great employee?' I would respond, 'Exactly that, what makes a good employer.' How would you respond?

This article was originally published on LinkedIn Pulse.

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